By En-Gravs Laser Engraving

Powder Coated Vector Cutting Grid for Laser Engravers Laser Cutting Grid

Also known as vector cutting tables

have been tested for more than four years, this all metal grid improves your vector cutting results by reducing flash back, by de-focusing the laser lens from the table surface and by providing unobstructed air flow under the cutting grid to exhaust smoke and residue from the work area.

Exclusive powder coated surface reduces bounce back and makes clean-up even easier. Better Cutting, Less Clean-up, Less Waste

The surface of the vector cutting grid is 1.25” above the laser table supported by wood risers with location tabs.  This, along with the Clean vector cutting large .50” square cells permits evacuation of smoke and residue produced during the cutting operation so that it doesn’t contaminate the work. Location tabs on the wood risers permit precise placement of materials on the vector cutting grid so that the cut replicates the lines on your drawing. (For engraving plates and plaques the grid is easily removed.)

Please note that all grid sizes are +/- 1/4″ with an overall depth of 1/2"


  • Easy to clean – Our powder coating enables you to easily spray and rinse the dirty grid
  • Lowest price in the industry! – We have compared our grid prices to the manufactures so you don’t have to. See our cost comparision chart below.
  • Outstanding smoke evacuation – Because our grids come with risers to elevate the grid you get the best smoke evacuation in the industry precise-positioning
  • Easy ” 0 – 0″ Position- Our risers also act as positioning devices. The risers have tabs for aligning your substrate to an exact ” 0-0 ” position
  • Strength – The grid shape of our vector grids allows for superior strength over the standard honeycomb style grids.
  • Less flash back

Economical Prices


Our laser cutting grids are priced at just a fraction of the grids offered by OEM producers and half the price of our nearest competitor.

Custom Sizes

We can custom cut grids for Universal, Epilog, Trotec, Xenetech, Laserpro and all other brands of laser engravers.